Tips on Time Efficiency

Time is plays a pivotal role when we are being pulled by work, school, friends, family, or even time for ourselves. There is always something that needs our full attention or part of it, it doesn’t matter, we are constantly being pressed for time. Time we might not have enough of throughout the day to complete tasks on our list of to-dos.

Instead of worrying and stressing over what has to be done we can learn a few tips to help manage our time efficiently. Tips that can provide effective productivity and help us maintain our stress levels. Here are some helpful tips to learn to manage time:

Prioritize: Learning to prioritize tasks can come a long way. We need to be able to decide what is important in terms of deadlines and the amount of attention we needed to complete the task. It helps us remove the less crucial items on our list of things to do. Monica Rosales, Coyote Advertising’s PR intern, manages her time by creating a list of priorities on stickies from her computer, highlighting the information that needs particular attention and if it is an urgent matter she places it on her calendar.  

Scheduling: Planning ahead and scheduling days for certain tasks can provide an effective solution to completing the task without stressing over where to start. Giving ourselves the time limits we need to divide our tasks without having to cram all our tasks in one day.  Aimee Alvarez, station manager at Coyote Radio, says, “I schedule everything. It’s on my laptop, it’s on my planner, on my phone. I’m huge at scheduling things because I tend to lose time throughout the day. I like to reassure myself I was productive in the day.” Aimee schedules her days to complete certain tasks even if they are simple to do just to have the assurance she’s completed an item from her overall list of tasks.   

Be Realistic: We have to be realistic with ourselves when it comes to making a list and scheduling. We know how we work and how fast we work and it should be reflective on what we assign ourselves to do throughout the day. We can’t complete everything quickly and in one sitting. We have to schedule our time realistically to avoid overwhelming ourselves. The more realistic we are with our abilities to complete a task the more satisfying it becomes when we do complete it.

Taking Breaks: Even though we would like to work continuously in order to finish quickly, we need breaks. Breaks are necessary to allow us recharge and be more productive allowing us to slow down and breathe once a in awhile. For Ginger Hartman, an account executive at Coyote Advertising, taking breaks refreshes her eyes and mind allowing her to produce her best work.

Saying No: We have to become comfortable saying NO. Whether it’s spending time with friends or being asked to complete another task, we have to learn to be okay saying no. Saying no gives us a voice in deciding what we need to accomplish first. We should not take on more than what we can handle.

Finding Our Productive Time: We become more efficient when we work on our best time whether we’re a morning person or night person. Finding out what time of day we work more effectively will progress the work that needs to be done. Working during a specific time of day can help us produce more tasks we need to have done in a week. That is how I, Erica Zamora Reyes copywriter at Coyote Advertising, manage to complete more tasks in the morning when I feel most alert and refresh than in the afternoon and at night when I’m exhausted and worn out.

If we learn to organize, prioritize, and divide our time into smaller sections completing our overall list then, it will become easier and more satisfying when everything is done. We should be open to learning how to manage our time efficiently and effectively to be productive. Time is crucial to our everyday lives so managing our time will allow us to attend to the smaller items as well as taking care of ourselves.  

Written by: Erica Zamora Reyes | Edited by: Analieze Cervantes

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