Jacob Poore
Coyote Advertising Manager
Oversees the Coyote Advertising program with a fervent dedication to student success.
Ginger Thomas-Hartman
Account Executive/Project Manager
Facilitates relationship management with clients, ensures coordination and delivery of all projects in a timely manner. Coordinates creative content across all social media solutions.
Erica Zamora Reyes
Copy/Content writer / Editor
Writes original content for our clients projects and edits and approves all written content on our agencies website and social media platform.
Mario E. Perez
Account Executive/Writer
Establishes client relations while acting liaison to objective needs. Writes creative content by means of copy, blog, article, and technical writing.
Bliss Gray
Graphic Designer
Combines art and technology to project ideas through visual and textual content.
Bryan Figueroa
Graphic Designer
Creates aesthetically appealing layouts and designs for print and web.
Ricky Aitken
Graphic Designer
Helps to develop visual graphic solutions and create marketing campaigns for potential clients.
Nicole Rodriguez
Graphic Designer
Creates and communicates ideas through visual design to inspire and inform.
Andre Adame
Account Executive
Builds and secures relations with clients by providing support and coordination to ensure projects meet deadlines. Develops and reviews content for client’s articles, blogs and social media platforms.
Monica Rosales
Public Relations Intern
Researches, develops, and implements surveys for current clients. Assists with developing web content and creating content for social media platforms for clients.
Jodi Johnson
Graphic Designer Volunteer
Helps develop creative visual solutions for clients using images and text.
Stacey Sanchez
Account Executive
Act as a liaison, builds and maintains strong relationships with our client to coordinate and ensure projects are met in a timely manner. Meets with clients regularly to discuss projects and is responsible for clients communication and conflict resolutions.
Cameron Massey
Works on promotional videos for staff and students around CSUSB.
Analieze Cervantez
Writing Intern
Explores varies topics within advertising, marketing, communication, and the careers within an agency to write creative content for blog posts.
Wendy Martinez
Public Relations Intern
Securing an ongoing relationship with alumni and the Coyote Advertising Program.
Public Relations Intern
Contact and maintains relationship with alumni and the Coyote Advertising Program.