Jacob Poore
Coyote Advertising Manager
Oversees the Coyote Advertising program with a fervent dedication to student success.
Annissa Fitch
Account Executive
Coordinates marketing and creative advertising projects within a team setting. Facilitates relationship management with clients by developing creative content and ensuring full delivery of projects.
Stacey Sanchez
Account Executive
Acts as a liaison with clients to coordinate and ensure projects are met in a timely manner. Meets with clients regularly to discuss projects and is responsible for clients communication and conflict resolutions.
Bliss Gray
Graphic Designer
Combines art and technology to project ideas through visual and textual content.
Nicole Rodriguez
Graphic Designer
Creates and communicates ideas through visual design to inspire and inform.
Ricky Aitken
Graphic Designer
Helps to develop visual graphic solutions and create marketing campaigns for potential clients.
Jodi Johnson
Graphic Designer
Helps develop creative visual solutions for clients using images and text.
Ana Godoy
Graphic Designer
Creates effective and aesthetically looking visual communication.
Nicholas Aceves
Graphic Designer
Comes up with visionary ideas to execute in client projects.
Maelani Balane
Collaborates with account executive to write video scripts for clients. Films and edits promotional videos for clients.
Cameron Massey
Works on promotional videos for staff and students around CSUSB.
Quirina Arana
Student Assistant