Meet The Team Monday: Nicholas Aceves

Our graphic designers have creativity for days and make some of the most visually appealing flyers and promotions across campus. Nicholas Aceves is one of the major contributions to the team when it comes to throwing in a hint of creativity and graphic design. Currently, he is in his second quarter at CSUSB and already[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Ana Godoy

What is art, if it not a part of everything you are? Ana Godoy can tell you just that, as she incorporates art into every aspect of her life. Down from her work, to her style, to something as simple as makeup, she has always had a passion for art and nothing could keep her[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Bryan Figueroa

One of the biggest contributions to the Coyote Advertising team comes from one of the most dedicated workers on campus, Bryan Figueroa, graphic designer. He recently graduated in Winter 2016 with a Graphic Design major but we have been privileged enough to continue working with him this last quarter. He is truly one of most artistically talented[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Bliss Gray

Bliss Gray is one our most charismatic new faces to the coyote advertising team. With her sassy attitude and knack for creativity, she has managed to work hard and develop new content for our clients. Our so called “shy” new team member has always been creative, having a background as a self employed cosmetologist. She[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Jodi Johnson

Meet one of our team members, Jodi Johnson, one of our talented Graphic Designers for Coyote Advertising. She knew graphic design was going to be a big part of her life when she was introduced to it in 7th grade and grew to love it by age 15. Since then she has attended CSUSB and[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Ricky Aitken

Ricky Aitken is our newest member to the coyote advertising team. He is currently one of the many creative minds within our digital design department. He has always had a love for graphic design and spends his down time building his portfolio with his side love of animation. He has always been a visual person[…]

Brian Bañuelos Reveals His Coyote Advertising Experience

Brian Bañuelos is currently an undergraduate at Cal State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) and is majoring in Graphic Design. Through the program at CSUSB, Graphic Designers receive training in typography, advertising and corporate design. They also learn branding through the classroom. […]

Bryan Figueroa: Hues, Visuals, Techniques

Bryan Figueroa is a graphic designer within the Coyote Advertising team and even steps into the role as the agency’s photographer. He is a multifaceted person with many hidden talents in the field of arts such as painting, drawing, but the newest form of art he has taken on is photography. […]