Meet The Team Monday: Nicholas Aceves

Our graphic designers have creativity for days and make some of the most visually appealing flyers and promotions across campus. Nicholas Aceves is one of the major contributions to the team when it comes to throwing in a hint of creativity and graphic design. Currently, he is in his second quarter at CSUSB and already[…]

Unity within the Workplace

In any job there must be a balance of clarity and efficiency to get the job done— to be successful in an environment of hard work. There will be many stressful moments but as long as each unit within the agency work together then, there will be a good outcome. In order to be a[…]

Communication Through Advanced Web Tools

Everyday technology and the internet are advancing which means new trends are emerging and we need to keep learning new sets of skills. Some of the new web-based communication tools among new generations include the following: Blogging: Is an online web based posting site which allows the author to share ideas and information publicly via[…]