Meet the Team Monday: Ricky Aitken

Ricky Aitken is our newest member to the coyote advertising team. He is currently one of the many creative minds within our digital design department. He has always had a love for graphic design and spends his down time building his portfolio with his side love of animation. He has always been a visual person and can not see himself doing anything else as a profession. Last year, at Hangar 24’s Air Fest, he had the privilege to create one of their snapchat filters where he got to add his personal touch.

Ricky is very outgoing and loves to stand out in a crowd. I guess that’s why he swears he’s a daredevil and drives without his seatbelt on, we’re just kidding about that though. On a serious note, he loves to take on new adventures and recently has gone skydiving. Outside of graphic design, he is dedicated to fitness and admits to have wanted to study kinesiology if his love for graphic design was not so great. He believe health and fitness are important to everyone and he works hard to maintain his own.

Written by: Monica Rosales | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes 

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