Meet The Team Monday: Nicholas Aceves

Our graphic designers have creativity for days and make some of the most visually appealing flyers and promotions across campus. Nicholas Aceves is one of the major contributions to the team when it comes to throwing in a hint of creativity and graphic design. Currently, he is in his second quarter at CSUSB and already got his hands dirty with multiple projects on campus. He originated his love for graphic design at a young age in the early 2000’s and has managed to grow his passion throughout his education.

Growing up, skateboarding became a huge influence in Nicholas life. There were so many different inspirations and brands he would see in magazines. As a personal passion, he would look through them and see how they were put together, it even sparked his interest in photography. Since then, he has become a  graphic designers for Coyote Advertising and work on freelance projects on the side, such as creating logos for photography companies. Hes currently is working on a self project in creating a personal brand for future projects he has planned.

If it was not for graphic design, his main focus would easily fall back on photography. He has an eye for creativity and visuals, which he hopes to one day give him the excuse to travel the world. He hopes that traveling the world will allow him to take street and landscape picture from all over, allowing him to create the photography book of his dreams.

Written By: Monica Rosales | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes 

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