Meet the Team Monday: Jodi Johnson

Meet one of our team members, Jodi Johnson, one of our talented Graphic Designers for Coyote Advertising. She knew graphic design was going to be a big part of her life when she was introduced to it in 7th grade and grew to love it by age 15. Since then she has attended CSUSB and done volunteering and freelance jobs to get her work out there. She has gone as far to get her work featured in the Love, Peace & Happiness Fellowship art show for African American history month. If it was not for graphic design, you would probably catch Jodi working towards concept art for video games.

Jodi has more to offer then just her awesome designs. She is in love with Japanese culture and hopes to one day be able to go and visit. She has previously studied the culture and knows how to speak, read, and write certain phrases. Being a fan of the Asian culture, she even was a part of a Tokyo exchange program in highschool and got to experience what it was like to live there.

Written by: Monica Rosales | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes 

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