Meet the Team Monday: Erica Zamora Reyes

Sometimes working in an office can be very hectic and sometimes we need someone strong to help us out. Erica Zamora Reyes is a girl of many talents and has been one contributor  within Coyote Advertising. Erica plays the role writer, web content editor and social media coordinator. Being the wonderful student she is, she does admit to being busy nonstop but takes pride in being very organized efficiently prioritizes her academic and work assignments.

Erica is not only one of the most hard working employee of Coyote Advertising, but she definitely makes time for the things she loves. Being an english major, its no doubt that she has a love for literature, particularly British literature. She loves to open up a book on sleepless nights and catch up on her favorite stories like Persuasion by Jane Austen and many other novels. She doesn’t just stop with literature, although she is an English major, she has a secret passion for science and enjoys reading biology or eco-related article.

When she is not fixated in something school related, she takes part in things she feels passionate about, like music; she even happens to know how to play the bass. Her go to genre is alternative rock and is into bands like Chevelle, System of the Down, and Tool. She has even gone to some of their shows recently and enjoys checking out local bands in the area.

Erica’s passion for music and writing combined has created an interesting dream for her. She hopes to someday start a blog that touches on creative spectrums of underground artists. It is something that is in the works and a stepping stone to other possible careers, such as starting up her own magazine highlighting these similar interest. With her strong charisma for the art, it’s obvious she will make it a reality.

She also loves the art of dance, the creation of movies, and art itself, but what’s new with Coyote Advertising, art is within all of us. Erica can also speak and read some Italian and loves discovering new cultures. Cultures each have their own uniqueness and beauty that she discovered when young after watching Break it Like Beckham. This why one day you will catch Erica traveling the world to take a deeper insight. For now, she travels the states and discovers the beauty of seeing something new in a city she never walked in.

Possibly the most fascinating fact about Erica is, she is very quiet in the office, but has a lot of fascinating facts to share if you just sit down and listen.

Written by: Monica Morales | Edited by: Annissa Fitch

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