Meet the Team Monday: Cameron Massey

Meet Coyote Advertising’s main videographer Cameron Massey. At such a young age, Cameron definitely has his head on his shoulders and done more than one can imagine. He has a background in videography, running his own business, motivational speaker, business and well, need we keep listing….

Cameron always had ambition to explore and try new things and has been lucky enough to go far with all of them. Since the age of 12, he found a love for editing that developed into a passion for videography. He now has his own videography business where he has had the privilege to work for car dealerships and film music videos. He gains his media inspiration from great directors like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino. He dreams to one day be great just like them and is currently working on screenwriting and short films he’d like to upload on his youtube channel.

Outside of videography and his many media talents, Cameron is also a public speaker and has won four awards in recognition of it. He loves to drive and  travel the states hoping to one day even travel abroad to places like Tokyo. With a variety of hobbies, he considers himself to be quite the food enthusiast, enjoys drawing and has a deep love for cars. He has his eyes on a  Mclaren F1 he hopes to one day own. With all these amazing talents, it’s no wonder the Coyote Advertising team keeps him around.

Written By: Monica Rosales | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes 

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