Meet the Team Monday: Bryan Figueroa

One of the biggest contributions to the Coyote Advertising team comes from one of the most dedicated workers on campus, Bryan Figueroa, graphic designer. He recently graduated in Winter 2016 with a Graphic Design major but we have been privileged enough to continue working with him this last quarter.

He is truly one of most artistically talented team members, as he dedicated his life towards his love for art. As a marketing major, he does a lot of graphic design and photography. He did not always expect to become a photographer, but got a sense for the art when he borrowed his friend’s camera. He saved up his money and bought himself a camera he knew he would love and use to the fullest. Within four months of having his camera, many people asked him to take pictures for them and Bryan knew he would advance in his talent for photography more. It became his favorite “hobby with benefits”. With his photography and knack for graphic design, he has managed to do side projects for multiple people such as signs for new restaurants, people attempting to advertise products for sale, family portraits, and engagement pictures.

He has many talents when it comes to art. Through his love for photography and music, he managed to graduate from marketing with skills in graphic design because he has a passion for the physical art. Just like anything else he has accomplished, he explores all forms of art he encounters and tries to experience every aspect of it. He enjoys drawing and painting and has used every medium within the process.

Outside of photography, Bryan has a love for music. His passion for art does not stop as he enjoys playing the guitar and piano. He is self taught when it comes to music and love’s figuring out how to create music. At the age 11, he managed to teach himself how to reach and play the piano. He would even sit and listen to songs on the radio and attempt to figure out how to play them. It is no wonder that he is so musically talented, if you ask him about his family, he will give you a whole list of the musically talented people in his life.

Now, he can be found working for Esri as a graphic designer.

Written by: Monica Rosales | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes

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