Meet the Team Monday: Ana Godoy

What is art, if it not a part of everything you are? Ana Godoy can tell you just that, as she incorporates art into every aspect of her life. Down from her work, to her style, to something as simple as makeup, she has always had a passion for art and nothing could keep her away. She has been doing sketches and drawing since she was young and picked up the skill from her father. She later went on to take art classes and developed her passion for design in the process. It’s something quite personal to her as she continuously works on her sketches and makes them for the people she loves and cares about.

Going into school, she told herself she wanted to be a Liberal studies major, and in the process of doing so, realized it was not for her. She knew that she wanted to be passionate about what she was doing in school and studying. She let her creativity drive her and decided to become a graphic designer. Since she switched majors, she has worked on multiple freelance projects including one for her father’s Karate School. Having some marketing experience and her skills, she put them into use and has gotten some amazing projects out of them, some she’s still working on.

Written By: Monica Rosales 

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