It’s Not A Goodbye

As my time here at Coyote Advertising comes to an end, I do not want to say goodbye; but instead, thank you.

Thank you for providing me a professional setting to pursue my dream of building websites and writing. Working to create content for Coyote Advertising’s blog as well as other websites I have built here has strengthened my skills.

Thank you for allowing me to work with a talented team of writers, graphic designers and PR: Erica, Ginger, Tori, Brian, Bryan, Courtney and Mario. Also, our interns and volunteers,  Jason, Monica, and Gloria are the Super Team. These talented, young individuals help each other everyday by teaching, learning and growing in a professional environment. They are more than just co-workers, they have become good friends whom I could learn from.

Thank you to Lacey Kendall of Coyote Radio, for trusting me with the website, My Awesome Empire. I have always wanted to make a website that supports the Inland Empire and she has given me this amazing chance.

Lastly, I want to thank Jacob Poore (Jake) who has given me the opportunity to work with Coyote Advertising. I am now confident walking into a job interview due to his direction. Jake has made it nearly impossible to find a boss as great as he is.

Written by: Marina Kamel

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