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Do you find yourself stuck right after you’ve graduated from college? Nowadays, it gets harder and harder to find a job that suits your college degree because the world becomes more competitive each day. When it comes to landing a job, you must be able to market yourself in an effective way to get noticed because having the right skills and experience isn’t enough.

        When marketing ourselves personally and professionally, Erica Zamora Reyes, a writer for Coyote Advertising says, “professionally you can add certain details that display or present a piece of your character such as your business cards, language usage, mannerism, and non-verbal communication. Being creative with the traditional marketing techniques can show you aren’t afraid to take risks.” Usually, businesses hire candidates who take risks in providing the right information such as their education and experience that fits their requirements in order to make an executive decision. Many graduates find themselves lost because they feel they aren’t experienced to land the job when they clearly have the degree to achieve all our aspirations in life.

        When marketing yourself, you must know your audience which means know the company you’re looking at in order to land the job. That’s how I, Analieze Cervantes, have been trying to find the right information I need to get myself to become a creative writer. I see myself working for publishing houses or seeing my own works on bookshelves. I take notes on what they’re looking for, in terms of publishing a book, and huge publishing sites such as Random House and Writer’s Digest. Another way in helping you market yourself is social networking sites like LinkedIn which gives you accessible channels of communication to uncover new opportunities.

        However, when looking for ways to land your dream job don’t be afraid to show your personality when applying, give them a bit of flare because that will make you unique and it will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Mario E. Perez, a writer and account executive at Coyote Advertising says, “In today’s society being original and standing out remains essential for not only entertainment purposes but to set yourself apart from a professional standpoint as well. The best advice I could give is to be yourself. As an author I have found a sense of pride in…embrac[ing] the fact that I am different than most. Fear seems to be the primary obstacle that blocks one from going above and beyond, often times seen in how they are viewed in society’s eyes…” Being yourself is essential to becoming someone you want to be. By doing that, anyone can follow their dreams, it’s important for you, as graduates and undergraduates to understand that you live in a competitive world and that you need to be determined to achieve your goals.

        When trying to figure out whether or not marketing is the right career for us we have to make sure that we feel comfortable in that specific field. Erica believes that when figuring out your career, you must be able to interact with others within the same field. “To feel comfortable in an environment where you are required to build long-lasting relations, presenting ideas, working among team members and supervisors, and good interpersonal communication skills.” With any career we must be aware of what that job entails and whether or not it will be a great fit to fulfill our passion to love our job. As undergraduates or even graduates we go through many doubts when committing to one career because we need to make sure that it will bring income. Mario explains, “The field in Marketing is a saturated field… If I can give the best advice it would be to learn the skills needed in the arts, both in graphic, photography, and video. These will come in handy when it comes [to] entering the field in marketing, given that you will most likely be working with these skills depending on the position and firm. Regardless it will make you more attractive in the eyes of employers, especially those in advertising.” Meaning if you have a passion for a career then acquire new set of skills and pursue it because being paid for a career you love is the best reward in life and it’ll bring you happiness.

        Although, when marketing there are many ideas that we should take into account. Erica believes, “for starters maybe not market yourself or a company blindly. By blindly I am referring to no plan, no goals, or no acknowledgment of the situation or expectation. Don’t stick with something for too long if it is not working to help meet your goals, being static can be harmful to you or the company.” So, get to know what you want to do and what’s more important to you in terms of your career. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there but know what the company strives for and whether or not it will get you where you need to be. Many times when going through college, we get comfortable in the job we have because it’s easy and we get side tracked with our goals. Don’t be afraid to make a change because that will lead you to your flame of passion.

        Mario acknowledges that  “the best tool you can use when marketing yourself is communication… If one can communicate clearly and directly in a written and verbal sense, especially publicly, then they already gain an advantage over the majority of their competition. It is when one excels in communication can they then elaborate on their creativity, allowing them to project themselves in an original way.” Which ties in with being yourself and communicating to the world that you’ll be able to take chances when it comes to pursuing a tough career path. If you’re able to communicate to the employers in an efficient and creative way, then nothing can stop you from your ambitions. So, don’t be afraid to excel because it will land you on the right path to success.

        Coyote Advertising helps you engage with others who share the same passion, encourages you to branch out, and to gain more experience. It allows you to learn, grow, and prosper. You are never alone and I hope that this article encourages you to follow your dreams.

Written by: Analieze Cervantes | Edited by: Mario E. Perez and Erica Zamora Reyes

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