Communication Through Advanced Web Tools

Everyday technology and the internet are advancing which means new trends are emerging and we need to keep learning new sets of skills. Some of the new web-based communication tools among new generations include the following:

Blogging: Is an online web based posting site which allows the author to share ideas and information publicly via photos, text, and links. Blogs can be used in a professional standpoint through politics, major news, the environment, and articles which can expand their possibility for job opportunities as well as an informal way to allow the creative mind generate personal opinions.

Social Networking: Allows communication to become interactive through different internet or app based sites.

1) Facebook- Allows an audience from all ages to connect closer with their friends and family. They can post status updates, photos, and instant message. It can allow a business to create a page for their company, allowing clients to visually see what they produce and as well as creating ads for their products in order to expand their audience.

2) Instagram- Gives provides a visual platform for posting photos, videos, and live chat. It helps the clients know exactly what the company is producing or selling because they could be updated on new objects every day. It brings any type of audience who are interested in connecting with their friends and family.

3) Twitter- Is a free messaging service for sending and receiving short messages in no time. It allows for pre- existing and existing audiences to stay in touch with worldwide media, and news.

4) Asana- allows companies to interact with their team members on a daily of basis, track their work from start to finish, and get results. You can customize your individual or projects, tasks, receive email updates of due dates, and check progression before scheduling a meeting.

5) Slack- brings team communication to small or large team members by collaborating with one another via channels (both private to selected few members and public), direct messages, and calling to get more done through focused conversations. It is a platform that allows members to drag, drop, and share files with one another and keeps archives of conversations or files to search when needed.

6) Trello- gives perspective on all projects and who is working on them. It helps you to stay organized on a monthly basis while you do other important items on the to-do list.

7) Webinars- Is a seminar taking place on the internet that sometimes allows the audience to interact with the presenter to ask questions or seek additional guidance on a topic in real-time.

Coyote Advertising is known for focusing on new ways to help our clients, students, and campus community expand and gain knowledge on effective communication through media. Coyote Advertising uses most of these web tools to communicate with its team members, their clients’ target audience, and to inform students on upcoming events, software, and services allowing us to stay connected.

Written by: Analieze Cervantes | Edited by: Erica Zamora Reyes and Mario E. Perez

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