Meet the Team Monday: Cameron Massey

Meet Coyote Advertising’s main videographer Cameron Massey. At such a young age, Cameron definitely has his head on his shoulders and done more than one can imagine. He has a background in videography, running his own business, motivational speaker, business and well, need we keep listing…. Cameron always had ambition to explore and try new[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Bliss Gray

Bliss Gray is one our most charismatic new faces to the coyote advertising team. With her sassy attitude and knack for creativity, she has managed to work hard and develop new content for our clients. Our so called “shy” new team member has always been creative, having a background as a self employed cosmetologist. She[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Jodi Johnson

Meet one of our team members, Jodi Johnson, one of our talented Graphic Designers for Coyote Advertising. She knew graphic design was going to be a big part of her life when she was introduced to it in 7th grade and grew to love it by age 15. Since then she has attended CSUSB and[…]

Tips on Time Efficiency

Time is plays a pivotal role when we are being pulled by work, school, friends, family, or even time for ourselves. There is always something that needs our full attention or part of it, it doesn’t matter, we are constantly being pressed for time. Time we might not have enough of throughout the day to[…]

In the Light of Marketing

Do you find yourself stuck right after you’ve graduated from college? Nowadays, it gets harder and harder to find a job that suits your college degree because the world becomes more competitive each day. When it comes to landing a job, you must be able to market yourself in an effective way to get noticed[…]

Meet the Team Monday: Ricky Aitken

Ricky Aitken is our newest member to the coyote advertising team. He is currently one of the many creative minds within our digital design department. He has always had a love for graphic design and spends his down time building his portfolio with his side love of animation. He has always been a visual person[…]

Communication Through Advanced Web Tools

Everyday technology and the internet are advancing which means new trends are emerging and we need to keep learning new sets of skills. Some of the new web-based communication tools among new generations include the following: Blogging: Is an online web based posting site which allows the author to share ideas and information publicly via[…]

It’s Not A Goodbye

As my time here at Coyote Advertising comes to an end, I do not want to say goodbye; but instead, thank you. Thank you for providing me a professional setting to pursue my dream of building websites and writing. Working to create content for Coyote Advertising’s blog as well as other websites I have built[…]